‘An It Harm None, Do What Ye Will’

  Being an atheist can actually be a little difficult for some people. When somebody you love dies and everyone’s telling you they’re in a better place, you can only grimace and shrug. When everyone else in your Religious Studies class is discussing their religious feelings, you can only sit and stare at the wall and occasionally throw your opinion into a poorly asked question (so many times I was asked whether x, y or z was proof of the existence of god, and why (not)? my answer was usually “I don’t believe in a god, so no it isn’t. there’s probably a better explanation.” Because honestly, what sort of god makes a man bleed every day from wounds that won’t heal just to prove his existence?) Some of the religions we discussed did interest me, though. Buddhism had some nice ideas. And Native Americans just blew me away. I loved the ancient worship of the earth, the fantastical mystery. I fell into a period of researching every small religion I could find, and one of them happened to be Wicca.



 I’m fairly sure that I’d heard of Wicca before I stumbled upon it in greater depth. For whatever reason, it hadn’t really captured me the first few times around, but when I scratched beneath the surface, it was beautiful. Choose the deities you feel most comfortable with, surround yourself with curiosities like tarot cards, incense and gems and, most of all, feel a connection to the natural world around you and draw inspiration from it. I still have all of the books, and all of the incense and candles, and the tarot and oracle cards, and even the pentacle jewelry – my favourite of which is the pendant with the stag’s head on the front. Gosh, sometimes I still do a little something to recognize the holidays – I burn a Yule log, take part in Halloween/Samhain, etc.

 However, the same logical reasoning kept creeping up on me. These spells I’m supposedly casting – the spiritual energy doesn’t really exist, does it? I know all the kinds of energy – kinetic, potential, gravitational, thermal, sound, light. electromagnetic and elastic (and yes I did have to Google them – I perhaps should pay more attention in my physics lessons, but biology’s where it’s at, yo) – and this mystical ‘life energy’ or whatever just isn’t one of those. And the deities. For a while I contented myself with recognizing them as ‘facets of human nature given names and faces’, but soon that started to sound like twaddle and I was forced – by my own demand to understand everything with evidence – to abandon the idea of a spirituality that required any amount of faith and revert to good ol’ atheism.

 Only recently has religion cropped up in my life again.


~ by Vermin Love on August 31, 2009.

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