You Are What You Eat

 Last Christmas, my friend and I went in to town for presents and such, y’know. Every Christmas we get a German market in Southampton, selling German things, and this particular year they had a pig on a spit. As we walked past, I glanced over, then continued walking. I’m a vegetarian and this bothered me not a bit. I’m not endorsing it, I’m not eating it, it doesn’t offend me. My friend, however, totally flipped out, raving about how “they shouldn’t be able to show that in public!”.

NEWSFLASH, your sandwich used to look like this:

You give people money for this offense to your eyes. You put it in your mouth. You digest it. You’re happy to take full advantage of a pig’s life, but you’re mentally scarred by seeing its corpse? The hypocrisy is… truly astounding, really. Now, okay. I have no problem with people who eat animals. That in itself would make me a hypocrite myself, as I’m not a vegan and thus still pay for products that come from animals who’ve been farmed in conditions I’ll never be sure of. However, people should at least educate themselves.

Oddly, I find I have the same stance on vegetarianism and religion. And the same ignorance frustrates me.

 I don’t mind what you eat or worship, but at least know what you’re talking about and don’t try and bug me over it.

Because I was vegetarian, a man once said “if it’s okay for lions, why isn’t it alright for you?”.
I suppose this man hunts and kills wild ungulates with his own bare hands, eats them raw, then sleeps outside naked and licks himself clean.

 What an inspiration to us all.


~ by Vermin Love on September 10, 2009.

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